This is a question we hear on a daily basis from our customers!  Many people hear Little Chicken and think, “Oh a fried chicken restaurant!”  We have even had people call and ask for our menu…. LOL!  We then reply, “while that sounds delish, we are something better." 

Little Chicken is an amazing kids store and lifestyle brand named after the cutest little chicky you’ve ever seen… our daughter, Olivia!  When Olivia was a baby we called her "little chicken".  She was always making chirping noises and was the chubbiest, fluffiest little baby you have ever seen.  We even dressed her up as a chicken for her first Halloween : )

Olivia is now 7 years old and is one of the best sales associates in our store!  Upon entering our store in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey, you may see Olivia pitching the newest toy to customers, and she loves every minute of it!  Olivia is bright, bubbly and loves helping in the store and she even models her favorite Little Chicken clothes when we have our photoshoots.  

At the end of the day, Little Chicken is really just a symbol of childhood, joy and celebrating the uniqueness of children. We all have our “Little Chickens” in our lives, although they may be known by other nicknames, they mean everything to us, right?


July 22, 2022